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A nice little job, even if MVs like this – on the stock ECU – can be a little tricky. We’ve done a few now and know they’re not simple or straightforward and mostly owners complain of a really snatchy low-down power delivery (and when they stand idling you can hear ’em go woh-woh-woh…).

While this one was here we went through quite a few things. We did the service then balanced the throttle bodies and re-set the TPS, then set about the ECU remap. We had to build an ignition map and switch off a few bits and pieces and overall it dialled in nicely but with a glitch – sometimes if you shut the throttle very quickly the engine would cut out.

The bottom end delivery was super smooth though, and this side-effect was not unexpected for such a high-strung engine with limited flywheel effect. In the end we solved that problem, and the only fly in the ointment it left us with was a slight just off off-idle fluffiness.

We road tested the bike and it was fine, but when the customer got home he found a water leak which sprang up possibly because of vibration from high-rpm running on the Dyno. So we had it back and repaired it for him.

Tricky to ECU remap, but worth it when you get there...

Tricky to ECU remap, but worth it when you get there…