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MV Agusta Brutale 1078 ECU remap

By 13th January 2012ECU Remap, MV Agusta

The chap who owns this MV is Italian himself, and phoned us before Christmas to talk about an ECU remap. He’d been unhappy with its savage throttle response for sometime, a mate of his had had a fiddle with it but to no avail. With the bike here we rode it – and found it was very, very sharp off the bottom, not just with fuelling issues but ignition too.

We sucked the stock map out of the ECU and took a good look. It was carrying way too much ignition in the low throttle and rpm range; with  on/off throttle use the power came in way too hard. It was a vicious thing! First job was to take some ignition out and then sort the fuelling to match – it was running very lean (even with the stock can fitted). We looked at the throttle bodies, as it appeared that in an attempt to balance them the air bypass screws had been well and truly ‘adjusted’, causing all sorts of issues with running on and so on.

There’s more work to be done to this bike. We’ve taken a lot of the harshness out of it and calmed it down, but more needs to be done for us to be 100% happy.

This bike came in with myriad issues – we've sorted the main ones, more needs to be done.