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Moto Morini Corsaro 1200 ECU remap – an owner’s view

By 23rd January 2013ECU Remap, Moto Morini, Owner's Words
Running very rich, this Morini was almost petrol cooled – an ECU remap sorted out the fuelling.

Richard’s Morini’s getting a good workout post ECU remap…

Richard, owner of the Moto Morini Corsaro we featured a while back bought his bike back for a second visit, and dropped us an email with his experiences post ECU remap. Sounds like he’s having fun!

Well after my last trip to your workshops, I can confirm that you’ve tamed the fire breathing Monster. The power delivery is so much smoother and as strong as I feel comfortable with (i.e how much I twist the throttle). I can pull progressive wheelies with ease, no pulling on the bars or clutch work needed, it feels really safe doing so too. Power slides are an absolute joy too. Since you adjusted the suspension front and rear it handles so well too. You did all this work with the minimum of fuss and in lightening quick time. The last conversation I had with Mark he said now ride it and enjoy it, and that’s what I have been doing, I now ride the bike with a feeling of control. Astonishing engines and bike handling too. The travel to you has been worth it on each occasion. It’s rare to deal with a workshop that is on your side delivering what the client wants, you guys do it with ease. I will see you again in the future I’m sure of that.

Kind Regards,

Richard Webb