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Big V-twins suffer most from emissions interference, a byproduct of having two large pistons slugging away instead of four. They’re generally strangled on fuel, so an ECU remap can really open ’em up. Guzzi Cali’ owner Mark brought his bike in for the treatment and was kind enough to email his thoughts after a few miles. Cheers mate!

Hi Mark,

Just dropping you a line to say thanks for the ECU Remap job you did on my

California Vintage. The Vintage was never going to be a rocket ship but its stock performance was seriously strangled and made the engine feel like it was fighting against its self. As well as the throttle being a bit off/on at slow speeds, not good on a lump like the Cali!

Now however, the motor pulls like you would expect from a V1100, the engine has smoothed out considerably. Before I had left your drive I could feel the difference in the throttle responses. At high speed there is some get up and go where there was an age to wait before a slow increase in speed. Even my missus has noticed the difference in how the Cali now make progress!

For the other Cali Vintage owners the only changes from stock are; A Straight Through Exhaust Balance pipe; A de-baffled set of Mistral mufflers; A K&N replacement air filter. Oh, and a trip to Mark’s place.

Well worth the trip from Somerset.

I am working on the Fuel Consumption data you said you’d be interested in. So far I am looking at 38.5ish mpg with supermarket fuel only (4 tanks). Going to try Shell V-Power for a bit then drop a fuel Broquet in the tank. I was getting about 46Mish mpg so there is a big drop but I am working on a fuel strategy to counter this. I am recording the data and will send it to you when I have a picture worth looking at.

Many thanks


Mark’s Guzzi, a lovely engine now liberated…