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KTM V-twin remap – an owner’s email after riding home…

By 27th September 2012ECU Remap, KTM, Owner's Words

A KTM V-twin owner post remap:


Thanks for the work on my KTM earlier today. Seems to be working very well and feels to be a very different bike. The throttle is now more responsive but more controllable – more direct control over the revs, which seem to soar a bit quicker now. I was trying to describe the difference to myself as I was cruising down the A10, and I can best describe it as being more like racing a fast horse now, vs trying to race a rhinoceros as it was before. Thanks for the great work on the bike. If I get the fuel savings from now having a 10% leaner mixture, then it will pay for the cost of the dyno relatively quickly.  🙂