KTM SMT 990 stage 3 DNA airbox fit and ECU remap

By 4th January 2013 ECU Remap, KTM

These are very good, and they do work. We like ’em…

The reason being is this; the airbox capacity of a big KTM V-twin is small relative to the size of the engine, and also has a limited intake area. What we do is remove the airbox lid and fit the DNA into the interior (we’ve found if you bin the whole airbox you get a lot of unstable air). By leaving the bottom intact you get no problems – and an extra 5bhp. Generally you get around 114bhp at the back wheel; with the DNA fitted you get 119bhp. It’ll fit all the V-twins, too.

This KTM SMT 990 came in with Akrapovic pipes onboard and we fitted the DNA airbox and then remapped the ECU. There’s more work in a remap after fitting the DNA to get the fuelling right – our order of work for something like this? Switch off lambdas and SAI valve, then run it up on the Dyno and see what’s what. Then we log the throttle position and edit the fuel map. When it’s there, we then look at the ignition tables; the new bikes definitely have better maps as stock, but owners are complaining about cruising on a small throttle 3/4/5,000 rpm, touching the throttle and whack! The secondary butterflies fly open – so they’re last to fine tune, but really need it.

£375 plus VAT and you’ve got 5bhp extra at the back wheel – we recommend DNA airboxes for KTM V-twins.

This Katoom’s had the full boat – Akras, DNA airbox and full ECU remap. 119bhp at the back wheel, nicely!