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KTM SMT 990, fitted with Wings exhaust, full ECU remap

By 13th July 2012ECU Remap, KTM

Nothing special about Wings Exhausts – just a good quality, well-fitting regular can, really – but we do have to say the ECU remap went very well on this particular SMT. Plugging in to the ECU we went through all the usual stuff; MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) map, the secondary butterfly valves’ opening point, and ignition table (which is critical for improved feel at the throttle). Once we’d sorted out the emissions rubbish (mainly lambda sensors) we could then set about fuelling for the cans.

The upshot was a much more ‘analog’ feel when dialling in the gas, rather than the ‘switchy’, digital feel you get as stock with big V-twin KTM engines. A job well done, another happy Katoom owner, with a much more rideable bike…

Wings end cans – first time we've heard of 'em, but they seem ok. Great ECU remap result with this SMT, too.