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KTM SMT 990 ECU remap – an owner emails

By 1st October 2012ECU Remap, KTM, Owner's Words

This KTM SMT owner came a long way for his ECU remap; Holland to be precise! He also was kind enough to email his thoughts when he got home…

Hi Gill, Mark,

I promised to tell you how the remapping is working out for me. I didn’t have time to get back to you sooner as I’ve spent my weekend arguing with the local KTM dealer about the gasket situation and damaged caused when another bike piled into the back of the SM-T on the final day in Italy (don’t worry, material damage only). The remapping has made a huge difference. I noticed it was a massive improvement before I even left the BSD driveway. In the Alps the bike was brilliant. I only needed to use the clutch on the inside lane in the tightest of hairpins. Getting on the power out of tight corners was a joy, whereas before it was more of a near death experience.

Here in the Netherlands we have a lot of roundabouts (proper ones which force you to go right-left-right, not the ones you have in the UK where you can just blast across in a straight line) and these are now incredibly fun to ride with the proper gas response and the low speed corner grip of the SM-T.

I don’t know what BSD stands for, but you should change it to TBW: The Bike Whisperer.



All the way from Holland for an ECU remap, Arend's KTM SMT 990.