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KTM SMR 990 full ECU remap

By 11th May 2012ECU Remap, KTM

This KTM SMR 990 came in fitted with a full Akrapovic exhaust system and Motohooligan airbox. The owner, who’s switched on and tech-savvy, had tried to disconnect the SAI valve using the Motohooligan plates at the cylinder heads plus a resistor inline. He’d also attempted to deal with the lambda sensors, not entirely successfully.

We ran the bike up as it came into us and found the usual problems; a very snatchy throttle off the bottom, plus the fuelling was way out because the airbox’s larger area was pulling more air in. We started by disabling the lambda via the ECU (the only real way to do it properly), re-set the secondary butterfly valves and then worked on the ignition and fuelling maps.

It gained 7bhp in the midrange over standard, with lovely power/torque curves and smooth delivery at the throttle. That’s how we like ’em!

Aftermarket airbox and full Akra' system hadn't helped this KTM – a full ECU remap did!