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KTM RC8 ECU remap – a customer speaks!

By 21st July 2012ECU Remap, KTM

Sometimes it’s good to just let our customers, rather than us, do the talking… Sorry, no picture of this RC8, Gill was making the tea!

Hi Guys,

Just thought I would drop you a line to tell you how my RC8 went after you mapped it. Well as I said at the time, I had just bought it and planned to ride to France 10 days later but after riding it for an hour or so it became apparent that it wasn’t going to be an enjoyable biking holiday as it was. The snatchy throttle that I had been reading about on the forum is a common problem with the RC8 due to it having no actual flywheel, so I trolled through all the forums and came up with you guys – who could map the standard ECU and who knew what they were doing.

So after a very helpful phone call you were able to fit me in at short notice as I was due to go 2 days later. Once mapped the RC8 was a different bike, smoother power delivery straight away, it was able to just cruise along instead of it trying throw you off the back or over the bars whenever you hit a bump in the road. It also returned the same fuel consumption as the other bikes I went with (R1/GSXR1000s) although I didn’t keep up with their ballistic acceleration and crazy top speeds (175mph at one time).

On the whole the bike performed beautifully being nice and light in the twisties with plenty of grunt out off the switchbacks and plenty of admirers (it stole the show away from the run of the mill bikes). As the week went on I got more confident with the bike and new tyres until I could finally keep up with the others, I love this bike now and can’t wait till next year!

Great work Mark, you know your stuff and I will be recommending BSD to everyone I know,

Cheers, Lee