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The owner of this KTM Duke went to his dealer and asked if they could supply him with the race cam. Of course said they could supply and fit it but as he knew full well he was going to have to get a proper ECU remap afterwards he contacted us. And we offered to put the cam in, do a full service and then do the remap – all in one go, which worked out a lot cheaper. He was happy!

It came in with 62.5bhp at the rear wheel, and left with over 70! There was a slight trade off in the mid-range, about .5bhp through the middle, but in the upper mid-range it took off.

We rode it and were amazed how smooth it was, with a lovely power delivery not at all lumpy or flirty that you might expect from such a pokey race-bred engine. A small note is that this ECU uses CAN-LINE, rather than the older CAN-BUS. The new generation of KTMs has this system, and this is the first we’ve remapped – if you have one that needs attention get in touch!

It came in with 62bhp, and left after a new cam and ECU remap making 70bhp.

It came in with 62.5bhp, and left after a new cam and ECU remap making 70bhp.