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Huw rode all the way from Wales to get his KTM Adventure ECU remapped – and was kind enough to drop us an email after with his thoughts and a question. Cheers sir!

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From: Huw Convery

Sent: 05 August 2015 21:03


Subject: 990 Adventure


It was great to meet you both and I can’t help but praise the organisation you have there, it is pretty unique. I got back without any drama, and I have to say what a pleasant ride it was too.

The erratic throttle response has been solved and allowed me to cope with the 30mph traffic in the rain without feeling that at any point I could be on the Tarmac. The fuel economy has improved by around 25 miles out of a tank which is an added bonus. The bike now responds as I want it too with power delivery governed by my throttle control.  

Just one thing I have experienced though, going though the gears there is slightly more vibration up to 7,000 rpm than before, I haven’t reached W.O.T. but it certainly buzzes up to that point, any suggestions?


Huw Convery BSc Hons

Huw and his KTM!

Huw and his KTM!

And Gill, as ever at the centre of BSD mission control, made sure that an answer was forthcoming…

On 6 Aug 2015, at 07:58, BSD <> wrote:

Good morning Huw, and thank you for the email. I have spoken to Mark about the vibration and he says that is caused because he has taken out some of the ignition from the back end so it takes longer for the engine to slow down – it does not have that immediate urgency it had when you brought it in.

I hope this helps and that it will not spoil your enjoyment.

Best wishes,