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KTM 990 SMT full ECU remap

By 6th June 2012ECU Remap, KTM

This KTM 990 SMT came to us all the way from Norfolk. The owner wasn’t really concerned in any one particular area (like a lot are, usually with the on/off throttle delivery) but had ridden plenty of bikes over the years, and felt that it was something he should have looked at. In essence, he was riding around the bike’s issues a little, feathering the clutch a lot and really masking the problems.

We rode the bike, and in truth there wasn’t an awful lot wrong with it. We fitted a BMC air filter and then remapped the ECU, addressing all the usual issues in turn; secondary butterfly valves, lambda sensor, then ignition and fuelling maps. The test ride we did showed some improvement, and we were happy, so off the customer went. Unfortunately he left his phone at the workshop, so decided to have a ride out the following day to collect it.

“This is a different motorcycle…” were the first words he said. He was, as they say, over the moon.

Not much wrong with this KTM, but post-ECU remap there is noticeable improvement...