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KTM 990 SMT full ECU remap and Dyno set-up

By 7th March 2012ECU Remap, KTM

A KTM 990 SMT with a real road trip ahead of it… to South Africa! The customer who owns it phoned up, and went through the list of things he didn’t like about it, all the usual stuff; snatchy on/off throttle response and holding a constant throttle in traffic was tricky.

He’d been to his local dealer, and left with an Akrapovic map to match his cans downloaded to it, which at least dealt with the lambda sensor. But that by itself is not enough – as we know too well have done many of these big Katooms now.

Strapping the bike on the Dyno, and using the Tuneboy software we plugged into the bike’s ECU, and addressed the problem areas in order; when and how much the secondary butterfly valves open, the ignition table (critical) and the fuelling overall. In light of his long trip, we actually leaned the fuel table out generally for improved economy, only giving it extra fuel where it really needed it.

The customer took the bike away for a 20 minute roadtest and came back grinning from ear to ear; “Fookin’ hell, unbelievable…” he said, or something like that.

Ride safe, mate!

This SMT's heading south, and keepin' on going... all the way to South Africa! At least its ECU is now remapped and working just fine...