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KTM 990 SMT full ECU remap and Dyno set-up

By 2nd April 2012ECU Remap, KTM

The owner of this KTM travelled a long way to bring it to us. It was fitted with Quill cans and when we took it out for a test ride all the familiar faults were there in abundance – it was snatchy off the bottom, wouldn’t hold a constant throttle in traffic (perhaps the most annoying thing) and you either had to be on the throttle, or off it.

Using Tuneboy we started work on the stock mapping. We switched off the lambdas, took some ignition out and altered the secondary butterfly valves. But this bike, for whatever reason, took longer than many others to get right. It was on the Dyno, adjusted, on the road, then back on the Dyno, and so on.

After over 5 hours of constant work we left it, overnight actually. And next day we started it from cold, re-checked the fuelling in the bottom-end area (double-checking ourselves, really) then went out and rode it on the road. It was spot-on.

It sounds like nonsense, and this is the first bike that’s given us real trouble to get perfect on the day, but we feel it’s down to a TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) reset that happens in a certain time frame. It left our workshops a different bike to when it came in – nice and smooth.

That’ll do nicely.

This SMT gave us some grief to get right – TPS reset solved the problem...