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Online forums can be a great place to hang out with like-minded people who share a common passion. Or a mine of misinformation and nonsense… Just to make a point here we’ve seen several forum-oriented maps uploaded and, to be honest, they’re scary. We remap any bike’s stock map, and end up with a complete custom map that perfectly suits the engine (and customer’s requirements) by the time we’re done.

What we have found with these KTM maps is that the TPS setting (Throttle Position Sensor) is critical; we’re only putting back in what was already there. Upload a ‘foreign’ map and you’re asking for trouble with TPS alignment, and these bikes will run like a sack of spanners, as two grids are being overlaid with the net result of being slightly out everywhere.

Nearly every KTM V-twin we remap comes in for the same thing – the owner is looking to smooth out the over-sharp throttle response. It’s not, generally about more horsepower or a higher rev limit (both of which we can do, as well…). Sorting out the lambda properly is critical, as is timing of the secondary butterflies’ opening, ignition mapping and of course fuelling.

The  emails below from owners are fairly typical of the results we like to achieve after an ECU remap.

Found out about you BSD on the KTM SMT forum. I have had my SMT from new 2009 and have now covered 24,000 miles. I had put up with the poor fuelling for about 3 years. I read loads on various web sites about how it could and could not be cured and eventually decided a Power Commander was the way to go, this was fitted for about £300 and although the bike was different it did not solve the problem, I then purchased a pair of co2 exhaust eliminators £28 and this did help a bit.

Trouble was I was hanging on to the throttle with such a tight grip to try and tame the surging and snatching that I ended up with inflamed muscles in my lower right arm. 30 miles and I had to stop and massage my arm to relieve the pain – then a further £90 at the physio to help sort that out.

I then saw the Trevor Franklin bit on the KTM forum and decided to book in. I have to say the bike is now transformed. I have since done about 2,000 miles in all traffic conditions and have done a tour the Highlands and the only time it felt snatchy again was when I allowed the chain to get too slack. Thanks to the team at BSD, a very friendly and professional outfit. I had everything explained to me that had been changed on the ECU and left feeling like I knew a whole lot more how this bit of electronic wizardry controls my bike. 

Best wishes

Clive Worral 

And the next:


Just a line to let you know I had a great cross country ride back from seeing you with my SMT. Since then a thousand miles have shown its new found smooth low speed throttle, and that occasional bang of power coming off a closed throttle is gone; close to open throttle is gentle & predictable. It pulls happily from lower revs than before too. So a great job & I’m very pleased with it.



This SMT (ridden up all the way from Bristol) was a lovely, tidy bike that left us a smoother, lovely and tidy bike…

Ridden up from Bristol foe an ECU remap – we love KTM SMTs!
Ridden up from Bristol for an ECU remap – we love KTM SMTs!