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KTM 990 SMT ECU remap – an owner’s words (after 20,000 miles!)

By 18th July 2013ECU Remap, KTM, Owner's Words

Mac’s gone a long way on his SMT after we remapped the ECU. Here’s what he reckons…

Dear Sir,

After now completing 20,000m since I came to you with my KTM 990 SMT in Feb 2012 I would like to thank you for making my bike run perfectly. I have driven it all around South America on vastly varying fuel qualities and loaded it up with far too much luggage but it has performed without a single hiccup. I have also recently driven a new 990 SMT and mine is a much smoother ride, especially at low revs. So once again thank you and I hope to report the same in another 20,000 miles.


Mac Elliott

Here's Mac's SMT 20,000 miles ago...

Here’s Mac’s SMT 20,000 miles ago…