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We’ve re-mapped the ECUs of many KTMs in the last few years – Adventures, SMTs and RC8Rs – and SMT owner Richard is the latest in the line to put his bike through our process. And was kind enough to drop us an email with his thought afterwards. Cheers mate!

From: Loz’s Yahoo

Sent: 07 July 2015 19:00


Subject: Re: KTM SMT 990

Hi Gill,

Just wanted to say thanks to you and Mark for making me so welcome yesterday. Needless to say the ride home was very different from the ride there. The snatchy throttle is all but gone and corners and roundabouts are now approached with delight, rather than fear and trepidation.

I don’t think I realised quite how awful my bike was until rode it again after Mark had worked his magic. The power now comes on and off so much more smoothly which makes for a much more pleasant, controllable and safe riding experience.

Many thanks again, you folks are geniuses!

Richard Beard

Not Richard's bike (Gill was making the tea) but one we did earlier...

Not Richard’s bike (Gill was making the tea) but one we did earlier…