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KTM 990 SMR fitted with Motohooligan airbox and gas-flowed heads; full ECU remap

By 26th March 2013ECU Remap, KTM

We had a good chat with the owner of this KTM 990 SMR, to find out what he really wanted from his ECU remap and it transpired in the end that he didn’t give a s**t about smooth on/off throttle control or less snatch, he just wanted us to make it go, hard. He liked it the way it was and just wanted more. Fair enough!

So we went through this job with a different pair of eyes… we got the secondary butterflies opening earlier than we would, with aggressive ignition and fuelling tables to match. And it turned out very strong – and we’ve actually offered the owner more if he wants it! There’s definitely more to come from the secondary butterfly valves and ignition, because we erred slightly on the side of caution as they can become almost unrideable on the road. It’ll be up to the owner…

Not the usual "smooth it out please..." More like "give it more of the same!' Sp we did.

Not the usual “smooth it out please…” more like “…give it more of the same!‘ So we did.