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KTM 990 Adventure full ECU remap and Dyno setup

By 31st August 2012ECU Remap, KTM

This is a late ’11/early’12 model KTM Adventure, which in theory should have the later type engine in it, similar in spec to the SMT. The owner bought it in with the usual story – snatchy on/off throttle and not nice to ride on wet roads. Interestingly, a lot of Adventure owners have been putting road-biased tyres on to good effect; this seems to mask the effect of the poor throttle response where the more knobbly tyres seem to exaggerate it.

Anyway, we got on with all the usual stuff in the ECU and on the Dyno. First, switching off the lambdas, then working through the secondary butterfly valves, MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) map, then ignition and fuelling tables. We had an email from the owner after a few days and he’s delighted. Just how we like it!

A nicely sorted KTM thanks to full ECU remap and some Dyno time.