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The endless stream of KTMs that come to us for an ECU remap shows no sign of stopping, even after all these years – we didn’t know they’d made so many!

Anyway, the owner of this one was, shall we say, disappointed with just how snatchy the power delivery of his bike was. It was evident from what he was saying that he just wasn’t enjoying riding it.

Now after doing so many we know – after the first three Dyno runs post switching off all the emissions rubbish – whether the thing’s going to be any good or not. And not one of these KTMs is ever the same; you can have a real good ‘un that just needs a tweak, or a real evil swine that’ll soak up hours to get somewhere near.

This one was just perfect after the ECU remap, and turned out to be one of those bikes that you think after the readiest: “I quite like these anyway, and this one’s a keeper…”

We like these Adventures, but this one we REALLY liked...

We like these Adventures, but this one we REALLY liked…