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Switchy throttle feel, plus awkward low speed performance? That’s the original equipment KTM behaviour! As ever with one of these we started by switching off the lambda and SAI, then spent a lot of time sorting the ignition and secondary butterfly maps, where a lot of the problem lies.

We’ve ECU remapped probably 100s of these big KTM V-twins by now and have built up a solid depth of experience. They’re all different and require different things to get them to work, and it takes time. But once the work’s done and the fuelling’s been trimmed to match the engine setup it’s like bolting on a set of carbs… which is a little ironic, but there you go. Andy had his done recently, and was kind enough to drop us an email with his thoughts (that’s not his bike in the pic by the way, but one quite like it). Cheers mate!

Not Andy's KTM Adventure, but one of the many we've ECU remapped...

Not Andy’s KTM Adventure, but one of the many we’ve ECU remapped…

Dear all at BSD,

I brought my 990 adv in yesterday for an ecu re map, in the hope of improving the throttle response at the bottom end of the rev range and getting rid of the dip in power at 4500 rpm. During my 200 mile mostly B roads ride home I can say mission well and truly accomplished. Lovely and smooth now from 1500 rpm making slow riding so much easier. My wife will be pleased when she next gets on the back, oh and that pesky 4500 rpm glitch gone completely.

The engine performance as a whole seems so much fitter, which is shown on the Dyno print out, with peak power up 3bhp and torque up 3 ft-lbs. I’ve owned the bike for 8yrs and it really annoyed me to begin with then I just rode around the issues, if only I had got this done earlier!

So big thanks for a great job, and the tea, cakes and biscuits.

Kind Regards,