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It’s a funny old thing… the amount of 990 Adventure owners who bring their fuel-injected bike in and say “Can you make it feel like the old 950’s carbs? Please…?”

And the truth is we can. By dealing with the lambda and secondary air, remapping the Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) map, secondary butterflies ignition and fuelling tables the 990 becomes just like the 950. And maybe even a bit better! Nigel was kind enough to drop us an email after we remapped his Adventure, but we haven’t got a pic of his bike (sorry):

From: N Squire

Sent: 13 October 2014 10:45


Subject: Ktm 990 adv feedback.

Hi Gill.

Not Nigel's KTM but one of the many we've remapped earlier...

Not Nigel’s KTM but one of the many we’ve remapped earlier…

Many thanks for the dyno sheet. The bike on the way back was much as I had hoped for, smoother low down and more like my old 950 carb model! The harshness/vibration I complained of is also much improved.

It was nice to call down and enjoy efficient friendly service from people who care. Unfortunately, rare these days. Mark has interpreted my requirements well, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BSD to anyone requiring a similar service.

Hope to see you again sometime.

Regards Nigel.