Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Dynojet Power Vision setup

By 5th November 2012 ECU Remap, Harley Davidson

This Harley-Davidson Electra Glide came to us for a Dynojet Power Vision setup (a Power Vision is a Harley-specific product, their version of H-D’s software to allow you to remap the ECU). Once we opened it up it was obvious the software was almost identical – so you make changes to the Power Vision then plug in the dongle and upload them to the ECU.

It’s good kit, with plenty of adjustment, but you pay for it. It doesn’t matter how you tuned your Harley engine though, this system will get around it, cope and work well. We were really pleased with this bike – as it’s a road machine, with modified air filter and exhaust only, we actually modified the lambda maps, not the fuelling, as that’s how the (very clever) fuel management used here operates. Now, whenever the owner rides it, whatever the conditions are, the lambdas will adjust and control the fuelling perfectly.

Harley’s ECUs are clever bits of kit. We changed the lambda maps, to cope with varying conditions, and this Hog ran a treat.