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Karl had his KTM 990 SMT ECU re-mapped by us last year, and recently took the time to email us his thoughts. Cheers mate!

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From: Karl Bone

Sent: 18 June 2015 19:37


Subject: KTM 990 SMT 2012 model

Hi Mark,

Thought I should get around to sharing my thoughts after having the bike mapped by BSD last year.

I think the biggest surprise was to discover that the dealer had downloaded a map for the Akrapovic cans but had failed to switch off the lambda loop and air valve.

From the moment I left your unit the difference was obvious. In fact it has taken me almost an entire year to get over the habitual use of the clutch for smoothing out the low speed throttle response. The bike now responds properly and can be trickled round, wet, slippery mini roundabouts on the throttle alone.

I must admit I had my reservations before booking the bike in for the work. I was determined to be critical and objective – it’s all too easy to convince yourself of differences when you have invested a chunk of money, miles and time into a project.

I’ve left it so long to get in touch because there really wasn’t much to say. If the end result had been marginal, then I probably would have spent several trips down to get it right, but it was exactly what I had expected it to be. I just get on and ride it and never give the old snatch you throttle issue any thought at all. It’s gone. Good riddance to it as well. It was lethal and nearly had me into a wall on one ride.

My wife no longer smashes her helmet into mine when we are travelling together, so that has made her a lot happier and stopped me scowling. During a ride in Scotland this year our erstwhile leader got a bit lost and we ended up on very rough farm tracks. No sign of throttle snatch on 20 minutes of slippery, muddy, rock infested tractor trails. I stood on the pegs and romped along like it was a trail bike. Brilliant.

Karl's KTM is now fun to ride...

Karl’s KTM is now fun to ride…