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2012 BMW K1300R Power Commander PC V fit and Dyno setup – an owner’s words

Keith Worthington brought his BMW K1300R in for a Dyno sort-out. We suppled and fitted a Power Commander PC V, mapped the fuelling extensively and job fully done. Keith has been kind enough to drop us a mail after racking up a few miles after the work…


Thanks for the work on my K1300R. The bike feels even better than before. Much crisper on the throttle and no backfires!!! It was nice to have everything explained so thanks for taking the time to put it all in plain English even though you were busy.


Keith W.

BMW's K1300R – a bike that likes a Power Commander PC 5 according to its owner!

BMW’s K1300R – a bike that likes its new Power Commander PC V according to the owner!