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The owner of this KTM Adventure was a good lad, switched on and knew a fair bit about his bike and what was going on with it. He’d had a silky-smooth Honda Blackbird before but had a 2 mile gravel track to ride to get to his house – thus the KTM. It was an 07 plate but absolutely immaculate – he rode it down from Lockerbie, Scotland and stayed overnight so we could remap it.

And it was also lurching and jumping about like they all do – which was what the owner was complaining about off-road; touch the throttle and it was off. So we got a decent map into it and dealt with all the problems one by one. It turned out lovely, a buttery power delivery and throttle control. The owner Rob was kind enough to drop us an email after he got home:

Name: Rob Milsom


Hi there,

Just got home all safe and well just a bit wet 
though. The
 bike is running spot on and my confidence in it is now building. I’m
 so glad that I came to you and didn’t just get rid of it as its now 
the bike it should of been from the start, it’s superb.

Fuel economy 
has worked out at 44.5mpg which was on a mix of fast motorway and some
 spirited back road riding. I think before the mapping it was around
 the late 30s early 40s so it’s a win win scenario. Thank you for a
 great service.

Many thanks, Rob.

All the way from Lockerbie to Eye Green for an ECU remap – but worth it!

All the way from Lockerbie to Eye Green for an ECU remap – but worth it!