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2005 Aprilia Tuono Power Commander set-up

By 27th March 2012Aprilia, ECU Remap, Power Commander

This 2005 Aprilia Tuono came into us with a Power Commander PC III already fitted. It was running terribly, and using petrol like water…

Our experience with these particular Aprilias – Tuonos and RSVs – has taught us that the generic Power Commander map, while it did a great job on the bike it was set up for originally doesn’t work so well on many others, simply because the bikes at that time were so variable. If you have one, get a custom map made done on a Dyno for your Power Commander; it will work much, much better.

So the problem for this bike was that the map was at one end of the scale, and the engine the other. It needed a load of fuel taking out more or less everywhere (apart from at 60, 80, 100% throttle) and afterwards the work it was transformed, never mind the improved fuel economy!

The generic Power Commander map left this Tuono running very rich; a custom map cured it.