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By 28th November 2013 Advice

In the last few weeks, we have received numerous emails from riders wanting to get their bikes ready for racing or track days next season.

Various requests from engine refreshes to uprating road bikes, and of course the all important thing—- the COST!

Any sort of racing does not come cheap and for sure you will need deep pockets, especially for the unfortunate spills that can happen, when the testosterone is flowing at full throttle.

Now for an example of an engine that has had a refresh and the sort of money you are looking at, obviously a lot depends on the condition of the parts, when the engine is stripped down:

Just getting the engine in from a Suzuki GSXR1000K5 and a general refresh ie engine shells, piston rings, gaskets, gear selector fork, oil, filter, spark plugs and the labour approx £1500.00+vat.

Now if the engine is found to need pistons and valves as well, the cost rises to around £2500+vat and of this will vary from engine to engine depending of the cost of the OE parts.

For all those that are thinking about upgrading road bikes, here are some figures for work that can be carried out in addition to the refresh (extra labour costs vary).

Head port and skim £450.00+vat

Re-profiled camshafts £240.00+vat (not available for all models)

Ecu re-mapping from £250.00+vat (not available for all models)

Cordona 4 cylinder quickshifters £329.00+vat(for the unit only)

For anymore info please email us or give us a call.