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2020 has been a strange year for us all. It had only just started, then Covid 19 struck and turned people’s lives upside down, we were stuck at home, there were food shortages due to panic buying, a phenomenon that our generation had not experienced before, only the older generation had seen anything like this in the war years.

Everyone had time on their hands to do all the jobs that they had putting off around the house, garden and of course the most important place, the garage!

But on the plus side, we appreciated spending time with our family, as long they were in the same house, we also started to notice what was going on around us, the birds singing and wildlife that was active, due to the roads being so quiet.

We as a company were not adversely affected, in fact our engineering dept was extra busy, doing repairs for food machinery, which of course were running on overtime to produce more.

The bike side obviously had cancellations, because of underlying illness, distance to travel and of course non essential journeys, but we were here to keep essential workers bikes on the road and for all the projects that had been found in the garages across the country, neglected and worn out, been stood for years with fuel in the tank!!

The pictures above are just some of the older generation bikes, that have passed through the workshop so far this year and they are still coming in, as well as the modern stuff for ecu re-mapping.

Let us all hope that 2021 brings some sort of normality!