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This is not Tor’s XJR (that’s in Norway) but the one we developed our Power Commander PC V adaptation on. We modded the unit, sent it in the post and Tor bolted it on – he seems happy! Why Dynojet don’t do a specific PC V is beyond us, but there is an option for the lovely XJR1300 if you strap on a can and need to sort the fuelling. Any questions drop us a line…

Hi Jill.

Received Power Commander and has fitted it with Akrapovic exhaust. Managed to reset the throttle control myself, was not that hard. It’s like I’ve got a new bike, it has gained an enormous amount of power and a lovely sound. Use some more fuel, but it may be because I’m much more active on the throttle than before (do not care).

I’m very happy with the result and the service from you is among the best I have met online. Do you have more products from Dynojet?  I am interested in AutoTune AT-200 and ESRM-1

Regards from a very satisfied customer.

Tor Erlend

Chris's XJR – sorted!

A modified Power Commander PC V and 120bhp at the back wheel. Marvellous!