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Yamaha XJR1300 Power Commander conversion update

We’ve had a few enquiries about remapping Yamaha’s fuel-injected  XJR1300: it’s a popular, solid bike with a great engine, however…

…it all started recently when PB Magazine bought in an XJR they’d fitted an Akrapovic full system (there isn’t much choice and not much you can do to the post 2006 fuel-injected models). Anyway, PB had found somebody off the internet claiming to be able to ‘re-flash’ their XJR’s ECU. After some messing about the bike came back to us for a Dyno-run post re-flash.

It was terrible, a mess. The fuelling before was at least uniformly out – now it was all over the place. We thought about it and offered a solution – we’d adapt a Honda Power Commander PC V to suit the XJR. It runs the same make injectors and ECU as a Honda, so we figured a conversion would work.

So we rebuilt the Power Commander’s wiring harness so it plugged correctly into the Yamaha and put it on the Dyno then got the fuelling spot on. And because it’s not a high-revving engine we got a massive increase in midrange power – from 100bhp to 120bhp – with a beautiful torque output that would rip arms out of sockets.

If you have an injected XJR1300 and want the midrange that Yamaha always intended to give you – but aren’t allowed – then get in touch. Because of the extra time taken to rebuild the wiring harness it cost a little more than a standard Power Commander fit and Dyno setup, but we do have the solution…