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If you own a Yamaha XJR1300 and fit an end can you’re a bit stuck when it comes to sorting the fuelling as Power Commander don’t make a PC V for these lovely bikes, and as yet we can’t remap the ECU.

Over the last couple of years we’ve had enough people asking to try and sort something out, so we now adapt a Power Commander to fit. From our perspective modifying a PC V gets much better performance and works well – better than the so-called ECU ‘reflash’ we’ve occasionally had to remedy… Why they don’t make one specifically for XJRs we don’t know, but there you are…

It’s fairly straightforward. We restructure the wiring harness, reconfigure the PC V and then map to suit the engine and exhaust (They usually need fuel) as it was scavenging the cylinders too hard. The owner of this XJR came in on the off chance we might be able to help him as he’d had a one-off off titanium race exhaust system fitted – lovely job – but it had introduced a real fluffy spot down in the bottom end.

The result was 120bhp at the back wheel and a beautiful torque curve. We’ve even sent modified XJR PC Vs around the UK (and world) to desperate owners…

…the latest being Graeme, who installed one of our BSD PC Vs on his bike and took the time to drop us an email. Cheers mate!

From: Graeme Phelan

Sent: 29 July 2015 12:17


Subject: Re: PC

Hi Gill,

Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I have completed the install of PC5 on my XJR1300. All went well and have road tested bike.

Definite improvements vs original (performance / torque / smoothness), obviously a dyno run would verify this but on the road it feels great.

Thanks for all your help and advice this morning over the phone, a pleasure dealing with BSD.

Best regards,


It's an old-fashioned engine but a good 'un – and 120 creamy bhp at the back wheel is not to be sneezed at...
It’s an old-fashioned engine but a good ‘un – and 120 creamy bhp at the back wheel is not to be sneezed at… not Graeme’s XJR, but one we did earlier.