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We’ve had a load of success remapping new R1s – we’ve done 12 in the last few weeks! – and can confidently dial in some really good maps that transform the feel of the bike, with a really smooth bottom end and power delivery.

The owner of this one is off to the Pyrenees, loves the bike, but his words to us were: “I just can’t live with it, the combination of tall gearing and snatchy bottom end. I can’t go through traffic, or get round tight corners so it’s going to be a nightmare. Sort it out please!”

So after a lot of effort we can now make these things do what we (and the road riding owners) want. First job is to switch off all the emissions equipment and remove the lambdas, plus turn everything off in the ECU. There are then a myriad of maps within the ECU that need to be addressed; it’s not a case of simply sorting the fuelling. There’s the throttle map, ignition maps and various ‘cross over’ maps and it’s a huge change by the time we’re done.

There is no easy fix for these R1s ­– but when we’re finished end up with a lovely smooth bottom end that perfectly suits Yamaha’s big bang engine. But be aware – you could easily end up with an even bigger mess from attention by people that don’t really know, as everything is interlinked.

If you’ve any doubts or questions, give us a call or drop an email our way.

Looks lovely – now it feels lovely...

Looks lovely – now it feels lovely…