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There’s a queue of Yamaha R1s and R1Ms at our door waiting for their ECUs to be remapped. In all fairness Yamaha have improved the mapping on later bikes but it can be made better still – especially if you’ve a full exhaust system onboard, because we can switch off all the emissions rubbish and sort the fly-by-wire throttle out.

Which is one of the main things our customers complain about – on the track it’s ok but slightly unpredictable, especially on a trailing throttle when you’re trying to pick it back up around 5,000rpm. On the road the symptoms are magnified and we have to make big changes to the throttle map to iron out the issue.

We’re also able to switch on the downshifter/autoblipper (it adds cost to the remap but does open up the pit lane speed limiter and launch control) to work with the quick shifter. All the functions are built into the ECUs of both the R1 and R1M.

We now have a big library of remaps to R1s, and have found and developed a nice bag of tricks that make the bike feel so much better. So don’t suffer in silence, give us a shout!

Want your Yamaha R1 sorted out? Bring it to us...

Want your Yamaha R1 sorted out? Bring it to us…