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We think that people out there think the MT-10 is just like the R1. In many ways it is but having worked on both a lot we can see some differences in the engine’s mapping…

Now our customers who own them are complaining of an on/off throttle feel in traffic at normal speeds, with the fly-by-wire control a hindrance rather than a help – and want to know if we have a solution.

And the answer is yes. We’ve taken our time, but after a thorough investigation of the ECU’s mapping we can fix the poor feel in your right hand, with owners out there proving the results. And they’re happy.

A lot of the problem is down to emissions controls and interference. This particular bike had a de-cat pipe and end-can so we switched everything off and dispatched the closed-loop lambda circuit. We could then set about the actual mapping – and there’s an awful lot of work here because the engine is designed to run under EURO4 rules.

You can’t just bolt on an aftermarket fuelling module and assume its woes will be cured; they won’t. There are a lot of tables within the ECU and they all need to be addressed, and none of it is simple. The throttle and ignition tables are a start point; the MT-10 has a closed throttle feel similar to a boat anchor with a ton if ignition to ‘purge’ the cylinders of un-burnt fuel.

This doesn’t sound major but off throttle is as important to how a bike feels out on the road as on, and it’s the first thing we sort. But it’s just the start… with a link pipe and a can you can expect 155bhp, but the real surprise is how the bike feels after the remap. Having ridden it we think this is a usable tool, without the R1’s aggression, especially after the work.

The cost? £330 plus VAT. Expect to lose your bike with us for at least 3 hours, but the results are worth it. To quote the owner of this one: “It feels like a new bike! At speed it’s never been an issue, but everywhere else I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with me…”

A good, usable tool made perfect with an ECU remap...

A good, usable tool made perfect with an ECU remap…