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Yamaha FZ1 Power Commander PC III Dyno & set-up

By 16th March 2012ECU Remap, Yamaha

This bike came to us with a Power Commander PC III that the owner had purchased – and also a stubby exhaust can. It was noisy, we’ll give it that; when we ran it on the Dyno we had to put a baffle in it just so our ears wouldn’t bleed…

The pipe with baffle in absolutely killed the performance. We fuelled it to the spec it came in with – we rode it, and pronounced it “terrible.” We then advised the owner to get a proper, ‘long’ can, which he’s now doing. When he’s got one, he’ll bring the bike back and we’ll sort it for him, because as it stands we’re just not happy with the way it’s turned out.

A small note – extra noise does not mean extra horsepower (or speed). And just because MotoGP bikes wear short, stubby end cans doesn’t mean to say your bike should!

Stubby, 'MotoGP' style can has killed this Yam's engine...