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Mark is an MT-10 owner (with a de-catted pipe and Akra’ silencer) and man of few words… But the words he emailed us are music to our collective ears! There’s a lot we can do to the MT-10 to make it the bike Yamaha wanted to produce, but couldn’t, for legislative reasons. All we need is the bike for about 3 hours, and the transformation will be complete.

And Mark, glad you’re pleased with your Mt-10 ECU remap, and thanks for the mail. Cheers mate!

From: Mark Dunn

Sent: 15 May 2017 14:47


Subject: Re: mt10


Just to let you know I’m very pleased with my bike after the remap you guys did this morning, many thanks to all!



Mark's MT-10, transformed...

Mark’s MT-10, transformed…

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