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2000 Yamaha R1 rough running

By 21st January 2013Yamaha

This R1 had its carbs’ funnels missing, which went some way to explaining why it was running terribly. Once we’d sorted all that out (we sourced a complete replacement bank from Portugal) and set them up on the Dyno it still wasn’t sweet, and refused to idle cleanly. We started to get get a bad feeling, and a quick examination of the breather pipe (simply pulled off the back of the airbox) showed it pumping out lots of smoke…

Ouch. Blow-by the pistons engine was the cause – the engine was simply worn out. So the unfortunate owner had coughed for a set of carbs to get the bike running on four cylinders, only to discover that his engine was completely knackered.

Sorting the carbs only led to bigger problems – this R1’s engine needs a complete overhaul.