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The owner of this 1050 wanted his bike to sound a bit more fruity – quite common among Triumph riders, who love their engines but just want to hear them – so had changed his pipe. Now the work we do to most Triumphs is not just around the fuel or ignition tables but centres on the delivery of the power – in other words the Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) table versus the main fuel table.

We make a lot of changes to make the crossover between the two a lot more subtle, which is what you feel when you wind on the throttle at lower rpm. In standard trim all the ECU is set to do is let the lambda do its job to pass the emissions tests, no more. But that’s rubbish out on the road – so we switch all the interference off and focus on the delivery the rider feels at the throttle.

So after the ECU remap the rider gets the control they would have had with a set of carbs (oh, the irony…). That lovely ‘analog’ feel versus the switchy ‘digital’ response so typical of modern fuel-injected motors.

It's all about the power delivery – and a fruitier sound!

It’s all about the power delivery – and a fruitier sound!