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Triumph Thunderbird full ECU remap – an owner’s words

By 17th May 2013ECU Remap, Owner's Words, Triumph

Most of the throttle and power delivery problems with modern fuel-injected bikes are the issues that arise from the manufacturer having to deal with ever-tightening emissions laws. Luckily, an ECU remap offers a simple solution. Richard was kind enough to email his thoughts after we’d remapped his Thunderbird, a bike that responded well.

Been riding around on my Thunderbird – job done! Pulls right
each gear with fantastic torque, any speed any gear, so smooth and so
 rideable, no hesitation.

The BSD remap has really put the power into my 
Power Cruiser, can’t recommend BSD highly enough… made my Triumph the
bike it should have been when it left the factory – if it wasn’t for the

Thanks so much.

Richard Hulatt

The Thunderbird that Triumph wanted to build but couldn't – nothing that an ECU remap won't sort out!

The Thunderbird that Triumph wanted to build but couldn’t – sorted by an ECU remap!