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There’s a lot we can do for Triumph twins (of all capacity) when it comes to an ECU remap. And the net result of the work and modifications is to give back the rider control of the engine. It sounds odd, but it’s true. David brought his Thunderbird in for a sort out, and was kind enough to email Gill his thoughts when he got home. Cheers mate!

From: David Glover-Wright

Sent: 13 November 2015 19:20


Subject: Re: Emailing: Triumph

Thanks for your navigational assistance and support this morning; I was really having a bit of a ‘mare finding you! The bike is running much better; picking up sooner and smoother throughout the rev range; thanks for your excellent work!

Looking forward to exploring its potential when we’ve got some better weather!

Cheers and all the best,


David's 'Bird – sorted!

David’s ‘Bird – sorted!