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We’ve been quietly working on behalf of a Triumph dealer in Staffordshire for quite a while now – we’ve ECU remapped quite a few of their customers’ bikes! The good thing is that they can ride over, stay in the Travelodge 5 minutes up the road and ride away swiftly the next day.

The owner of this Thruxton had brought along some lambda bungs and a different air filter to go in. And just like the Bonnie the Thruxton engine really responds well to having all the emissions nonsense switched off. We can then build fuelling and ignition maps that give the rider true control of their engine – a lot of which is taken away by the emissions interference.

When he’d got home, this owner phoned to let us know that on the ride to our workshop – 100 miles – he was looking for fuel before he got to us. On the ride back, it was 120 miles before he needed fuel. He was happy with the improved economy, but was even happier with the engine’s improved response and that he could run through roundabouts a gear higher…

Better fuel economy and a snappier engine – what's not to like?

Better fuel economy and a snappier engine – what’s not to like?