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It’s Gill in the office here. It’s really nice to hear from our customers after an ECU remap and the other day Carl took the time to give me a shout – I luckily had a pen handy to scribble down what he said, and thought it might be of interest. The Rocket III is a bike that responds brilliantly to an electronic uncorking, and we love ’em!

“Hallo Gill, it’s Carl who brought the Rocket in last week, I don’t do that email thing but let Mark know that it is an animal. I went out the weekend with some members of the Rocket owners’ club and they could not believe the way it pulled away at 70mph (on a private road of course) as we rode through the villages, sucking up the local wildlife!

My fellow riders have all had fuelling maps put in but nothing is as good as the remap Mark did. I would like to thank him and when the bike is due for a service, it will back.”

Carl's Rocket III – fully liberated!

Carl’s Rocket III – fully liberated!