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We were contacted by the owner of this 2011 Triumph Rocket 3, after apparently he had taken the bike to a local garage to get re-mapped and they ended up having it for a year!

The gentleman delivered the bike to us and started the bike up outside and it did not sound right, it had been fitted with a Ram Air kit and had a 3 into 1 open exhaust.

On inspection we found the Ram Air kit had actually fallen apart and the exhaust was not even fitted properly, so a new air kit was ordered and the exhaust had to be modified to fit correctly and fitting a new clamp.

Now the bike could go on the dyno to switch off all the emission controls and to custom fuel mapped, as you can see it is a beast 150.62 bhp at the rear wheel with 156.03 torque!

Nice paint job!


Hi Gill

I would like to say a massive thank you to yourself and the team for sorting my bike out.

I have only just rode it since it came back and it is now 100% better you have done a wonderful job and my bike is now once again a pleasure to ride

Thank you all once again