Triumph twin are strangled – fact. An ECU remap will uncork ’em, another fact. Keith just put his America LT through our process and was kind enough to drop us an email afterwards with his thoughts. And the answer is yes, you can have your standard map on a USB stick to take away. Cheers mate!

From: Keith Holyoake

Sent: 22 August 2016 20:34


Subject: Triumph America LT – re-mapping.

Thanks for re-mapping my Triumph America LT today and making it perform how it should – not how the powers that be in California think it should!

Went on a 50 mile round trip after collecting and bike seems a lot less snatchy at low revs and pulls freely through rev range. Haven’t tried a top speed run yet as weather too blowy but expect an improvement. I don’t expect to run it at high speeds very often at all as it is not that kind of bike but being able to rev higher without the limiter kicking in is a bonus.

Bike seems to pick up quicker too – it will never be a drag racer but it was never meant to be one! Tendency to cut out when cold or at low revs seems to be cured too and no sign of popping on over run (this was mostly gone anyway after I removed the SAI kit).

Thanks for the print out showing various stages – I think you mentioned saving the new map on memory stick when I initially booked in. Is this possible?

Now have a few redundant parts in my garage cupboard (original pipes with catalytic convertor, SAI kit and O2 exhaust lambda pipes and fittings). Unlikely to ever use them but I suppose I should keep them for any future new owner in case they want to return the bike to factory spec (and strangle the bike’s performance in doing so)!

Once again, thanks for helping my bike perform as it should – the experience has made me realise that most newer bikes on the road are unlikely to achieve their potential without a similar tweak to their respective ECUs and fuelling as they have been made to run ultra lean to pass the regulatory tests.



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Keith's Triumph America LT – now nicely liberated via its ECU...

Keith’s Triumph America LT – now nicely liberated via its ECU…