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Triumph 1050 Sprint ST ECU remap

By 29th July 2011ECU Remap, Road Bikes, Triumph

We’ve seen a few Triumph 1050 Sprints this year, and all the respective owners have bought their bikes in complaining of the same thing – rough running at low speeds. As usual, the lambda is playing merry hell with the engine management, so job number one was to dispense with its services.

Next, by plugging directly into the ECU we could trim both the fuelling and ignition maps, remapping and adding both fuel and a small amount of ignition advance in certain areas. The net result is an engine that pulls hard through the middle but is much smoother and plusher everywhere; effectively as Triumph intended it before they had to add all the emissions gubbins, which effectively knacker it.

We've done a few of these Trumpets now, and all benefit from losing the lambda sensor and an ECU remap.