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‘Kin ‘ell this thing was noisy. And you can quote us on that…

That’ll be the Brocks exhaust then. The owner had long conversations with Gill about what to fit but in the end turned up with the system he liked the look of the most. Fair enough! But we were all deaf for the afternoon after its Dyno runs. It’s a shortish can though, and we prefer longer cans (for outright performance) but many owners like the more modern ‘stubby’ look.

An ECU remap for one of these starts by switching off all the emissions nonsense, restrictions through the gears and speed limiter, then remapping the secondary butterflies, plus a tweak of ignition then fuelling. It made 185bhp at the rear wheel, which is par for the course, so in this instance no sacrifices were made for fashion!

Loud? What? Loud? What...? Etc, etc.

Loud? What? Loud? What…? Etc, etc.