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We don’t need to say to much here as Paul, the owner has sent in a great email but if we could do one like this every day of the week we’d be happy people!

The ECU remap completely sorted this engine – fuelling, ignition, secondary butterflies and restrictions and it was a joy. And, after the work it pulled like an old GSX-R1100… high praise!

Some engines are just ripe for a remap – and this Suzuki has one of 'em!

Some engines are just ripe for a remap – and this Suzuki has one of ’em!

“My 2013 GSX1250FA was a whole of bike for not a lot of money. I was mainly happy with it, but the bugbear that was ruining the bike for me was the fuelling, especially between 3,000 and 4,000rpm which happened to be the correct rpm for 30mph and 70mph cruising, depending on gear selection of course!

It felt like it was constantly hunting and unable to get its fuelling right, a bit like a bike feels just before it runs out of fuel. The only answer was to drop a gear and raise the revs (or ride faster!). This made the bike feel like it was revving too high, and was of course wasting the valuable fuel!

I took it to a local tuner who said they could remap the stock ECU. They put it on the dyno, and the graph confirmed exactly what I said between 3-4,000rpm. Unfortunately, they told me they could only remap in 2,000rpm blocks, which wasn’t refined enough for my problem. I was told it was a Power Commander that was needed, but I couldn’t afford that.

Fast forward a few months and I read about BSD in BiKE magazine. Said they could remap Suzuki ECUs.

So I contacted Gill. At first she wasn’t sure if the GSXF could be mapped, they hadn’t done one. She made some enquiries with the software people who confirmed it was the same ECU as the 1250 Bandit and could be mapped. So I booked in, then changed the pipe and air filter, thinking it best to do all that before a remap.

I rode up yesterday, 150 miles trying to avoid the 3-4,000 rpm area, the new exhaust popping and crackling on the overrun and between 1st and 2nd gear changes.

3 hours with Mark and the bike is transformed. The fuelling is spot on, everywhere, any gear, any revs. A slight dip in the power at around 8,500rpm has gone, the delivery nice and progressive all the way through. The torque is linear all the way from 2,000rpm, far more tractable than before. This is exactly what I wanted, with no need for a PCV!

The pops and crackles from the pipe have gone.

Mark took the time to explain to me in detail exactly what he had done, showing me the equipment. He also disabled the dreaded PAIR, sorted the secondary butterflies, gear restrictions and the O2 sensor. All through the stock ECU. And a thoroughly nice chap!

The bonus was the extra 16bhp, taking the stock bike from 94bhp from its previous dyno run to 110bhp after the remap with a pipe and filter.

The 150 mile return trip home was far more enjoyable, the back to back runs really highlighted the difference that Mark had made.

Gill made me copious amounts of tea, looked after me while I waited and was very chatty!

They also had a 675 Daytona track bike in that had suffered a major engine failure. I heard her on the phone talking to the owner, telling him what was needed, and that maybe eBay was a cheaper route. Rather then leaving it at that, she then started searching eBay herself, pricing parts and even a complete used engine. She made some phone calls to the advertisers and then called the owner back with the details! Now, that’s service!

So a great end result, a great service, and genuinely nice people.”

Best regards,