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Suzuki GSX-R750K9 full ECU remap and Dyno setup

By 25th January 2013ECU Remap, Suzuki

We’re able now to put a fly lead via the OBD port and access the ECU of Suzuki GSX-Rs. So the news is that we can remap the stock ECU – first, removing and viewing the stock map then making whatever modifications the customer wants.

Obviously, switching off lambda sensors and exhaust valves is first up but also eliminating the ignition restrictors in first, second and third gears as well as the top speed limiter is an option. We can also increase the rev limit, and quite importantly map the secondary butterfly valves – this matters for heavily tuned engines because you can tailor when they open and close through the rev range (when gas speed is slow you can increase it to help bottom end with the butterflies).

Fine tuning the engine’s ignition and fuelling is a straightforward job from there, and the difference between being able to map the ECU directly or fitting a Power Commander is simply all of the variables that become available when you’re directly working with the ECU, rather than around it.

Cost? £250 plus VAT. This GSX-R had a K&N filter too, which we’d recommend for an ECU remap.

Suzuki GSX-Rs of pretty much every persuasion can now benefit from having their stock ECUs remapped…